Sunday, September 1, 2013

Barack Obama meet Romulus Augustus!

Obama fiddles (golfs) while the U.S. burns?
Presidential Flip-Flop Concerning Retaliation For Syria's Use of Chemical Weapons!

Highlighted by yesterdays humiliating flip flop and show of weakness by Barack Obama concerning military action against Syria, the only thing this President seems to be trying to accomplish is the downfall of the United States!

What does it say about a leader other than a glaring and dangerous inability to lead OR to make a decision?

After all of his rhetorical bluster about the immediate and urgent need to render some type of punitive action on Syria over that country's use of chemical weapons on its own people, even if that meant acting unilaterally and without the consent of  Congress, when the rubber was about to meet the road the Commander-in-Chief backed down.

Not that lobbing cruise missiles into that country with no goal or desired result in mind and for what appeared to be the sole purpose of saving Presidential face, was the right thing to do.

That said, this leader of the free world exhibiting feckless indecision to enemies who only understand violent and painful retribution was unequivocally the absolute wrong thing to do!

Imagine how Barack Obama, already not respected by Vladimir Putin, is perceived now?

How about by Iran whose leaders, emboldened by five years of rhetoric and inaction, already knew that they can continue the march towards a nuclear weapons capability with no worries about action from the United States?

How about our allies like Israel who now know for sure what they obviously already suspected which is that if something needs to be done they will have to do it expecting little help from this administration.

If Barack Obama and his band of merry men and women weren't so tragic they could be made into a television comedy in the genre of bloopers and gaffes. But what they are doing to the United States is all too real!

So why the introduction of Barack Obama to Romulus Augustus?

Because it was under the leadership of Augustus that the Roman Empire was finally brought down and while the best comparison of this President to an historic figure has always been to Jimmy Carter, it seems by his actions both domestically and internationally that he is in many ways attempting to emulate the final Roman emperor.

'...As one of the world's first true superpowers, the Empire's achievements included the world's first standing professional army, economic prowess, intellectual growth and governance principles that are commonly regarded as the basis for modern society.

But it is also remembered for its spectacular collapse in less than a century under the weight of bad debt, an overextension of the Empire, a collapse of morals that led to a deluded and self-absorbed political elite and reckless public spending that far outweighed collections...' (Source)

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