Thursday, September 5, 2013

Are humans eating humans? (Video)

No we're not but someone should have mentioned that the choice of the name Soylent for a new food replacement product might not be a very good one!

Remember this quote from the 1973 science fiction 'classic' 'Soylent Green'?

Det. Thorn: You tell everybody. Listen to me. Hatcher. You've gotta tell 'em! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE! We gotta stop them! Somehow! Listen! Listen to me… PLEASE!!! (Source)

Perhaps Rob Rhinehart, the developer of the food replacement Soylent, should have used some advanced focus group marketing techniques to come up with a name that didn't conjure up the images of human bodies being turned into nourishment.

On the other hand I could be wrong as apparently he has over $1MM in orders. (Source)

H/T IOwnTheWorld
Cartoon source

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