Thursday, August 15, 2013

Without photo ID Americans cannot do these 24 things!

Yet the Left says providing a photo ID in order to vote is discriminatory because getting one would present to great a hardship for some Americans!

If this list of 24 activities requiring a photo ID is any guide, once again the Left is peddling an erroneous argument purely for political purposes.

Purchase Alcohol

Apply for food stamps

Rent/buy a house, apply for a mortgage
Get married

Purchase a gun

Blood donations 
Purchase nail polish at CVS

Purchase certain cold medicines

 But not to vote?
See the rest of the list at the Washington Examiner here.

H/T IOwnTheWorld

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1 comment :

  1. The thing about all that is, that by making relatively trivial everyday things dependent on proof of ID, we cheapen the idea of the vote.

    But maybe that's what they want all along.