Saturday, August 3, 2013

U.S. embassy closures: From no reaction to overreaction? (Opinion and Video)

In this case change the exclamation point to a question mark
In the world of Barack Obama that's how politics, not national security and foreign policy, seems to work!

Sadly the Obama administration did nothing to address the impending 9/11/2012 anniversary in Benghazi and then followed-up that failure up by taking no action when the embassy was under attack leading to the death of four Americans!

Now at 56 seconds into this video the State Department spokeswoman explains that due to credible information that al-Qaeda may be planning an attack over twenty US embassies, primarily in the Middle East and North Africa, will be closed.

She goes on to explain that this action is being taken out of concern for embassy staff.

Is this move just another political decision by the Obama administration to try and push the failure and apparent cover-up in Benghazi onto the back burner by showing an overwhelming concern now?

Or is there actually credible evidence of the potential for a terrorist attack by a group that Barack Obama assured the American people was on the run before the last election because that assertion served his political ends?

Having to even ask these questions of a POTUS highlights the problem many have with Barack Obama and that unfortunately many others, aided by a complicit media, are blind to.

Using the documentable past as my guide his motives are all about politics and God knows what else and if making this decision to close embassies will happen to save lives as a result, for this administration that will simply be a bonus.

Contrast this to Benghazi which occurred during the campaign season.

As a result the decision went the other way there leading to the massacre of four American but that allowed Barack Obama to jet off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser!

In the world of Barack Obama and his Chicago cronies, that's how decisions and cover-ups are made!

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