Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today is GoTopless Day 2013!

Breaking News: Post GoTopless Day follow-up at Theo Spark here.

Of all the useless movements that are out there GoTopless, fighting for a woman's right to bare her breasts in public, may actually have some legs!

The premise behind GoTopless Day is that women have the same 'constitutional' right as men to be bare-chested in public.

And if we compare GoTopless to some of the other irrelevant and useless causes out there like 'Save the Twinkie', this one may actually have some significant potential (see pictures above and below).

From a grow the economy angle GoTopless Day these rallies could provide a great opportunity for breast augmentation surgeons to set up tables and prospect for new clients or for adult video producers to seek out potential new on-screen talent.

That's an idea it seems that the Obama administration should definitely be able to get behind as none of its other business and economic growth initiatives implemented to date have seemed to work.

In any event if you are going to one of the rallies taking place around the country and around the world, have a nice day.

Photo H/T The Chive

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