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Conservatives, Tea Party and GOP: Can we find some way to get along just a little bit?*

Democrat Party Political Process
*And should we even bother trying? (2nd draft)

Hypothesis: If the vote on the Right is fractured in 2014 and 2016 does the entire country lose?

In other words is there any way for the Tea Party, Conservatives and the mainstream Republican Party to figure out a way to somehow work, without compromising individual ideals, principles and philosophies, towards a common goal which is defeat of the Democrats! 

While many who read this will consider mainstream GOP politicians to in essence be no different and no better than Democrats, having personally watched Obama, Pelosi and Reid govern in ways that are purely detrimental to the economic and national security future of the nation there is in my humble opinion no basis for comparison between the two!


In life we all have our personal beliefs, moral values, desires, dreams, integrity, honor and all of the other things that go into making up the essence of a human being. Some will of course possess more or less of these attributes than others.

It's these differences between individuals that go into the mix creating the basis for a society.

There are individuals possessing the highest moral fiber and character all the way down the spectrum the to sociopaths, pedophiles, serial killers and the like who round us out by being the worst scum on the surface of the earth.

In between those two endpoints are of course the majority of us who, while striving to be the best that we can be, still possess some nicks and bruises that keeps us from being perfect.

Well intentioned yet imperfect cruising along the highway of life!

Wants versus needs!

Normally when we have the wants versus needs discussion it relates to the management of money and the choosing between those things in life that you must have such as food and shelter and those things that you would like to have such as a vacation to paradise or a second home on the beach.

The same discussion I believe can be used when looking at the current political spectrum in the United States.

In other words what it is that individuals and groups demand from various levels of government versus what it is that the country desperately needs or, more accurately, does not need from those same entities!

It is precisely this discussion leading up to the 2014 and 2016 elections that is so critical for the future direction of the nation.

Why is that you ask?

Because if the last five years of an Obama administration and Democrat-controlled Senate (Democrat controlled House for the first two years) along with historically liberal controlled cities like Detroit has taught Americans who may not have been paying close attention anything, it is that the only thing the Democrat Party cares about is power, expanding government and screwing those who have worked hard and made sacrifices in order to have in favor of the have nots!

At the end of the day it is the power that matters to them first last and always, and they will engage in any actions that they deem necessary to take in order to maintain it.

The conventional wisdom says that mainstream Republicans unfortunately are not that much different.

I often ask myself after watching a Jay Carney press conference or listening to one of the Democrat talking heads on television how these people can possibly look at themselves in the mirror in the morning without suffering a bout of self-loathing in the process.

The answer to that is of course the fact that power is the ultimate prize for the Left with any means necessary to maintain it being squarely on the table.

Some recent examples of this willingness to do whatever it takes include:
  • the IRS scandal targeting conservative groups to try and alter the outcome of elections, 
  • race-baiting from the White House on down concerning events that don't belong there but that serve a specific narrative of the Democrat Party, 
  • immigration reform as a means of pandering to their base regardless of the economic and social consequences to the nation, 
  • the lies told over the killing of four Americans in Benghazi followed by a still continuing cover-up, 
  • calling the Fort Hood shooting workplace violence because the truthful narrative would have shown the continuing Obama lie concerning the global war on terror being over to be the lie that it is,
  • the arbitrary postponement of one of the more punitive aspects of Obamacare until after the mid-term elections and so on and so on.
Compounding the nations problem is that while there is seemingly no conscious from the highest reaches of the Democrat Party on down, there is however an unbelievably strong and effective marketing department.

This political mechanism uses every possible opportunity and angle to try and divide and conquer the American Sheeple while painting all on the Right as haters of the 'regular folks' on 'Main Street'.

The Democrats also have one more extremely powerful tool at their disposal which is the mainstream media that is less concerned about reporting the news and more concerned with manipulating it by using cheerleading and misleading to bolster the Left's desired storyline. A prime example was Candy Crowley injecting herself into the Romney-Obama debate on the subject of Benghazi leading up to the last presidential election?

With all of that said and despite the differeng wants of the Tea Party and Conservatives versus the wants of the Republican Party that deviate from each other, it seems to me that all are absolutely on the same general page and in almost total agreement when it comes to patriotism and love of country!

With the Democrat Party it sometimes seems that those two points are not always front and center whether in their rhetoric or specific actions.

Moving forward to the 2014 and 2016 elections it therefore occurs to me that our choice is a simple one.

Before moving on let me first say that given the take no prisoners approach of the opponent and the willingness for them do anything, and I mean anything, to win, the upcoming election cycle obviously presents a challenging problem.

That said no ideology whether Tea Party or Conservative should ever violate their moral, social, fiscal and strongly held political beliefs in the process.

We need to stand by our values and definitions of what government should be and more importantly what government should not be!

But, the public and vocal infighting between the varying factions on the Right will, however, ultimately have only one extremely destructive result...a Democrat controlled Congress and White House and a quicker slide down the slippery economic and national security slope that Barack Obama has already place the United States on.

The point that I am trying to make in this somewhat wordy thesis is that at the very least we need to find a way to cease appearing to Independents and those Democrats who have not yet had a drink of the Kool-Aid as angry and intransigent as that persona only plays directly into the hands of the Democrats.

Instead we need to find a way to clearly and succinctly state our competing cases while taking the harsh rhetoric aimed at each other and instead aim it where it belongs! At the Democrats!

The Democrats would like nothing better than to stay out of the fray while the Right eats its own young. We cannot allow that to happen.

My bottom-line? Beat the crap out of each other if the goal is to lose in 2014 and 2016 or, without compromising our ideals, somehow figure out a way to join forces as politicians.

This will not be easy and it will most certainly not be popular! 

We must stick to ideology but target the Democrats who we can be 100% certain will try and finish the job of destroying the nation that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have been doing their best to try and accomplish. 

We must remember that although some planks in the platforms may be very different, above all else the various factions on the Right commonly share the most important thing that often seems to be missing from the Democrats: Love of Country! 


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