Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama is caught between Iraq and a Syrian redline!

Already the weakest and most ineffective Commander-in-Chief since Jimmy Carter Obama now stands to lose his coalition for an attack on Syria!

So what will he do if he does?

Does he act unilaterally or do what he typically does which is to cede U.S. national security and foreign policy to the United Nations as an out?

Wait and see!*


Editor's Note August 28, 2013: As time drags on and the noise from Russia, Iran and Syria ramps up regarding the potential for retaliation over a strike against the Syrian government, it makes even more clear the devastating effect that the Obama administration foreign policy strategy of empty rhetoric, false and mobile red lines, indecision and feet dragging has had on US national security and the security of our allies!

From August 22, 2013: 'Barack Obama: Foreign policy eunuch!'

'Should this sign hang over the Obama White House?

This is a President who, due to his failed policies and empty rhetoric, has painted the United States with his rancid brush of perceived weakness, ineptness and impotence!

Editor's Note: As you read this article the President is spending his time and our money on a politically driven bus tour promoting college for all instead of working in the White House addressing some of the more important world crises mentioned below...'

Read the rest of this article here.

*TPC does not underestimate the enormity or complexity of this problem as both sides of the fight are our enemy but this White House has had more than enough time to have developed a strategy and should not be beginning the decision making process now!

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