Saturday, August 31, 2013

Obama dog analogy, Greg Gutfeld-style!

As a loyal watcher of The Five and Red Eye I have come to know Greg Gutfeld as a purveyor of biting political analogy!

After the intense personal pain of watching the foreign policy and national security charade of Barack Obama and his 'national security' team over a Syria response, I thought of a couple of my own.

1) Punitive action taken against Syria now, after what is effectively 9 months of inaction (How We Got Here: A Timeline Of The Syria Chemical Weapons Saga), would be like punishing your dog on Friday for peeing on your floor on Monday!

2) The lack of  US international credibility about fear of military reprisal based on Syria's use of chemical weapons many months ago is like a parent with an unruly child on a plane flying at 30,000 feet threatening to open the door and throw him out!

Maybe these aren't up to Gutfeld standards but I hopefully made my point.

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