Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Instant Replay: John Bolton for President

I had written this in November 2010 and after watching the Obama administration stumble and bumble on the foreign policy and national security fronts my opinion has not changed!

It has only gotten stronger!

John Bolton for President Redux!

'Former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, for President? I doubt it but most definitely for national security czar.

He is not warm and fuzzy and would no doubt lack any mainstream appeal in the Republican Party, but when it comes to a rationale understanding of what is going on in foreign policy matters I have always been extremely impressed with John Bolton.

He is direct, analytical, rationale and decisive in his statements over the moves that should or should not be made concerning our enemies. Would he have any chance of winning the nomination? No, but I will tell you this much; he would definitely have some national security role in any new administration that I was putting together...' (Source)

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