Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Did Putin compare Barack Obama to the Thai food johk? (Hangover 2 Video)

The words are not exact of course but in Hangover 2  the dentist Stu is compared to the food johk by his soon to be father-in-law in a toast which sounds very much like something that Putin might use to describe Barack Obama! 

It is obvious that Vladimir Putin has no fear of, or respect for, Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief which was clearly evidenced by the decision to grant Edward Snowden asylum in Russia.

As 'retaliation' for this slight Barack Obama has removed himself from face to face talks with the Russian President, in effect preventing him from having to stand up to his protagonist thereby allowing him to avoid the potential of yet another diplomatic slap in the face.

Watch this video from 35 seconds to 1 minute 50 seconds and think about whether you could envision johk being used by Putin to describe Barack Obama.

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