Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fukushima: You Had Been Warned!

The nuclear crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant grows more dire as China expresses 'shock' that this could be happening!

Flashback: 'In the typical out of sight out of mind on to the next story methodology of the hit and run media, the disaster at Fukushima that resulted from the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 is not very well covered despite the fact that the story is very much ongoing.' TPC July 13, 2013

(Reuters) August 21, 2013 - Japan's nuclear crisis escalated to its worst level in two years on Wednesday, with its nuclear watchdog saying it feared more tanks were leaking contaminated water and China expressing its shock over the disaster.

Japan's nuclear regulator also said it feared the disaster exceeded the ability of the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co, to cope "in some respects".

A spokesman for the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) said earlier on Wednesday the agency plans to upgrade the severity of the crisis from a level 1 "anomaly" to a level three "serious incident" on an international scale for radiological releases.

Such a move would be the most serious action taken since the plant was destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011...'

TPC readers, however, have been kept up to date all along regarding the fact that despite the government of Japan's claims that the situation there was under control, in fact it was not.

Perhaps the government leaders in China should be subscribing to TPC daily updates on global events so that they would not be so 'shocked' now by the current situation at Fukushima!

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