Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama must have missed Coalition Building 101 at president school!

Obama administration national security team!
Barack Obama obviously must have missed that class in President school along with every other class on foreign policy and national security!

The best method for any country that wants to build a coalition of the willing might be to watch Barack Obama failing miserably at it and do the exact opposite!

Coalition Building 101
  1. You need to be a proven and trusted leader,
  2. As the coalition organizer you need to have a circle of advisors who are beyond reproach and who are also trusted by potential coalition partners,
  3. You need to be viewed by potential coalition members as a committed leader, not as a reluctant warrior who is in it for self-serving reasons,
  4. You should be viewed by members of your own government as having the right reasons for wanting to go to war and not as a weak leader searching for a 'tail wagging the dog' diversion,
  5. Your rhetoric needs to be believed as having the will for action behind it and not empty,
  6. You need to have a track record of meaning what you say, saying what you mean and of being willing to do the unpopular for the good of your country and the potential coalition partners,
  7. You need to select  as potential coalition members only those who share your commitment,
  8. You need to have a well thought out and well articulated entrance strategy, mission goal and an exit strategy,
  9. You must be able to articulate to your government, citizens and potential coalition partners exactly who is the friend and who is the foe in the fight. Ambiguity or uncertainty makes action a non-starter,
  10. You should be able to describe in detail all of the possible outcomes both good and bad and the contingency plans for each,
  11. You need to have the respect of, or at the very least be feared by, those who choose not to join the coalition. 

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