Thursday, August 22, 2013

Barack Obama and his psychiatrist!

Presidential Psychotherapy

According to sources the President apparently has an issue with every single one of the over 300 million Americans.

He is, however, working hard to overcome these feelings and once again regain his focus on his more important presidential endeavors!

This is according to a report at The Onion concerning the fact that the President is in therapy in order to get past his 'complaints and grievances' against every American man, woman and child.

The President, one can be very sure, is anxious to rid himself of this heavy burden so that he can get back to what appears to be his greatest second-term concern which is getting his golf handicap down to what he considers to be acceptable levels!

Now if he could only rid himself of some of those other pesky items on his to-do list, such as Syria using chemical weapons, civil war in Egypt and the stumbling US economy.

Fortunately though, at least for him, the President seems quite proficient at putting those 'crises' squarely on the back burner.

From The Onion:

'Psychiatrist Patiently Listens To Obama Complain About Every Single American'

'Carefully jotting down notes as the two sat in his small second-floor office on K Street, psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Eccleson patiently let President Barack Obama angrily voice his complaints and grievances about every single American in the nation, sources confirmed Tuesday.

While conceding that the president has “made some decent progress” over the course of several months of therapy, Eccleson told reporters that Obama still has many deep-seated issues with each of the 313 million members of the U.S. populace.

“This week we continued exploring Barack’s resentment about being constantly judged by others,” said Eccleson, noting the president’s reliance on unhealthy defense mechanisms to distance himself emotionally from the American public. “Again and again I hear things like, ‘No matter how hard I try, nothing is ever good enough for Seattle resident Bryan Harrison.’ But I keep stressing that, at the end of the day, Barack is a human being and can’t expect himself to be perfect.”

“A lot of his feelings of inadequacy—thinking that no matter how successful he is, he can’t live up to people’s expectations—stem from his relationship with his father,” Eccleson continued. “That’s also at the core of his trust issues with not only Bryan, but also Gail Shaughnessy, Eric Corker, Amy Bergin, and more or less the entire population of Worcester, MA..."'

Read the rest of the article here.

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