Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Barack Obama Part Deux: 27 politically incorrect posters about Obama, Hillary, Holder and more!

News Flash: Paul Clements of Gaffney tells he just finished reading a publicity release claiming President Barack Obama has been rated the fifth best president ever.

"The details, according to White House publicists," says Mr. Clements, "state that Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln and eight others tied for first, 15 presidents tied for second, 17 presidents tied for third, Jimmy Carter came in fourth and Obama came in fifth."

I received these posters from TPC readers and while irreverent, will be considered 100% wrong by some and most are definitely politically incorrect they are worth taking a look at and are pretty funny to boot (as well as sad, angering, pitiful, pathetic etc)!

Then, if you are up for more, there is a link at the end to yesterdays offerings titled 'Barack Obama Part Une: 10 politically incorrect posters about race and other stuff!'

But before we go to the politically incorrect humor, this is one completely serious graphic that shows why political correctness may prove to be the end of us all!

Now on to the humor portion of the program!

Barack Obama Part Une: 10 politically incorrect posters about race and other stuff!

H/T Ali, BEShep, Bbster

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