Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Obama Posterama (19 of them) aka Fail to the Chief!

Scandals too numerous to mention which President Obama likes to call distractions and phony is proof positive that the tune Hail to the Chief should be changed to Fail to the Chief!

And on top of the scandals that include Benghazi, NSAgate and IRSgate we have the scourge of Obama administration failed foreign policy exemplified by the current Egyptian leadership vacuum with rioting in the street and support of the rebels in the Syrian civil war which is equivalent to supporting the other side.

In other words the gang that couldn't shoot straight has no idea who our weapons are going to which means more likely than not they are going to terrorists!

The final straw is the fact that the U.S. economy, with all of the money being injected by the Federal Reserve, is still in the crapper.

In other words, Fail to the Chief!

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