Sunday, July 7, 2013

LMAO: Comparing Major League Baseball to work!

It's appropriate that a couple of days after the employment report was released I use the opportunity for my yearly rant about Major League Baseball players!

I say this because work and toughness are traits I might attribute to football, coal mining or construction but certainly not to MLB where an injury you would assume a high school athlete would play through are enough to keep a million dollar plus-a-year professional on the sidelines.

Gone are the days of complete games despite the fact that athletes today are bigger, stronger and in excellent physical condition.

Today 100 pitches and you are out of the game, replaced by a pitcher whose sole job is to pitch one inning every few days. If that pitcher is asked to go two innings it is considered an outrageous request by the broadcasters announcing the game.

There also seems to be great difficulty for many players to put in three hours of 'work' in a night game and then come back for another game at 1 PM the next afternoon.

What brought me to a boil resulting in this need to vent about grown men getting paid big-time for playing a kids game?

These statements from New York Met's manager Terry Collins, although to be fair the daily stories in New York that chronicle the ongoing saga also know as A-Rods rehab are enough to do it as well.

'I've never been through two weeks of more grueling baseball than what we've just been through. How some of those guys are still standing I have no idea. They're tired. There's three guys who said their legs were gone in the 10th inning. You can certainly understand that.'

Between luxury 1st-class travel with clubhouse people carrying the bags and catering to their every need my answer to Terry Collins statement 'You can certainly understand that' is an emphatic not really!

Play Ball!

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