Monday, July 1, 2013

Iran and the U.S. Commander-in-Competent! (Video)

While the President offers tough rhetoric on Iran, Iran inches closer and closer to nuclear weapons and the methodology to deliver them!

Barack Obama, singularly tasked with the national security of the United States, instead utilizes his time and energy along with taxpayer money on issues having nothing to do with that including the plethora of scandals that are plaguing his administration.

He provides strong lip service and rhetoric on issues such as the Syrian civil war (here and here), but truth be told the man has zero credibility among US friends and enemies.

And rather than substantive action concerning US national security, the President is instead focused on the politics behind other issues such as immigration reform, Obamacare and legislation designed to decimate the coal industry while at the same pandering to the administrations solar energy friends and donors.

All of this results in the leader of the country being a divisive rather than uniting force.

Iran and its nuclear weapons!

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