Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Article Flashback: Morsi is deposed by military in Egypt!

After doing his best to facilitate the creation of a Muslim theocracy government in Egypt that effort, like so many others Barack Obama has undertaken, has failed!

'The hit and run President!'

Barack Obama: A President who has been handed the luxury of non-consequential failure!

Barack Obama lives in a world that we tell our kids doesn't exist in real-life. It's a world that we try very hard to teach them where one of the most basic rules is that actions have consequences.

Actions can consist of things that are both both verbal and physical and in fact, inaction can and does carry much the same consequences.

Growing up I was lectured ad-nauseum about the fact that decisions can be made one of two ways. The first is through commission where we are an active participant in the process.

The second, less productive way is by omission where one will passively let the decision, and therefore the consequences, be made for them.

Barack Obama, the Arab Spring and Sharia Law!

So what is it that brings me, early on a Saturday morning, to consider a childhood lesson so mundane on the one hand and yet so important on the other as the idea of decision making and the attached consequences.

The answer is an article directly preceding this one at TPC that's titled 'The new Egypt: 15 years in prison for converting to Christianity!'

As I was writing it dawned on me that Barack Obama slides from one failure, mistake, miscalculation or even outright lie (deception, half truth) to the next and the previous one will magically disappear from view.

This is not a new concept or some fantastic revelation but on the eve of Inauguration Day 2013 it stills seems surreal that in America 2008-2012 it has been allowed to occur.

Let's take Egypt as an example. When was the last time that the Islamic takeover of that country and the loss of basic rights for its citizens was covered in the media to any great extent if at all?

How often is Barack Obama asked to explain the failure of the Arab Spring that he so forcefully helped to ignite? 


Iran, due in no small measure to U.S. complacency centered around the Commander-in-Chief, is about to go nuclear.

The killing of Americans in Benghazi has not been avenged and the reasons behind why it was allowed to occur the way that it did has not been adequately explained and yet, it is basically out of the news.

This decision by omission of failing to retaliate for these deaths and for the attack on US sovereign territory has emboldened al-Qaeda to execute the attack on the installation in Algeria where Americans were killed.

Serious consequences indeed yet remember that Barack Obama is the non-consequential President who has been able, with the help of the media deciding not to cover it, to hit and run to the next issue!

For Barack Obama the next issue, if he can help it, will always be a game of domestic politics combined with his lack of presidential leadership that has ultimately led the people of the United States to where we sit today.

The following examples from throughout Barack Obama's first-term in the White House of apparent failure that have rolled off of his teflon exterior are too numerous to be able to mention them all.

But, therein lies the proof of my thesis that his actions and inactions do not have the same consequences that decisions do for you and I.

A first-term laundry list of leadership failure!
  • $16 trillion in debt and counting, 
  • loss of AAA rating, 
  • country remaining on the precipice of recession, 
  • trillion dollar deficits each of the four years with no budget having once been passed, 
  • historically low labor force participation rate, 
  • historically high entitlement participation rate,
  • playing political games instead of leading including such as furthering and protecting an entitlement mentality for the sole purpose of winning elections (see prior bullet-point), 
  • ramming through Obamacare which needed to be passed so that we could learn what was in it (something that has still not completely occurred), 
  • higher taxes on the middle class despite that fact that this not happening was the mantra of his entire first-term in office, 
  • fomenting class warfare to win elections (see prior bullet-point), 
  • helping to destabilize the Middle East by completely misunderstanding the potential outcomes that the Arab Spring could generate, 
  • 7.9% unemployment rate although the real rate is in the mid-teens, 
  • Fast and Furious, 
  • tens of thousands dead in Syria, 
  • Russia reasserting itself onto the world stage due in no small part to a vacuum of global leadership out of the Obama administration, 
  • North Korea flexing its nuclear muscle for the same reasons in the prior bullet-point 
  • and so on.
And none of this could have been accomplished without the willing participation of a media that sees no evil, speaks no evil and hears no evil. At least when it concerns Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

You don't believe me? Still need more proof? Monday is Inauguration Day for Barack Obama's second-term in office.

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