Monday, June 17, 2013

Workplace violence by a hairdresser, aka act of terror, thwarted in Spain!

Potential workplace violence in Obama's American is called what it actually is everywhere else: An attempt to commit a terrorist act in the ongoing GWOT! 

In Spain the terrorist wanna-be in the article below was stopped before he could commit an act of jihad against the people of that country.

In America however, and purely for political expediency, Barack Obama would like us to believe that the GWOT is over and that al-Qaeda is on the run!

I rhetorically ask just how credible, particularly in light of the recent Boston Marathon bombing and murder of four Americans in Benghazi, is anything that comes out of Barack Obama's mouth about national security?

From The Local:

Police in Majorca arrested a "radical" hairdresser on Thursday after he claimed to have been sent by Allah to "kill all the Spanish".

The man, a German national of Tunisian descent, also said that he had "terrorist friends who could plant bombs" and added: "I don't mind dying; if I have to die, I'll die, but I'll take plenty of others with me."

The man was arrested in Alcúdia, Mallorca, and charged with a number of crimes, according to press agency EFE.

An official report from the Baleares Civil Guard stated that the accused was a student at a well-known hairdressing academy in Palma.

"He became radicalized in the last year after making a trip to his country of origin", said the report.

It pointed out that he had made "constant threats of death and references to being a Muslim" and that he had said, "Soon the Muslims will be the kings of the world."

In the past week the man is said to have threatened to "blow up the hairdressing academy and kill everyone" and to have threatened to kill one of the centre's administrators while holding scissors to her neck.

The man had been arrested before, on February 15th, for attempting to attack a local policeman by following his vehicle, attempting to crash into it and then threatening to kill him.

A police search of the man's apartment revealed a samurai sword, self-help books for low self-esteem, documents in Arabic about the forgiveness of sins, and material considered by the police to show "signs or evidence of family tensions or changes in behaviour, withdrawal and social polarization".


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