Monday, June 24, 2013

Syrian rebel leader eats the heart of a Syrian soldier! (Video)

Yes you read that correctly. The leader of the group that the U.S. is sending arms to killed a Syrian soldier, cut open his chest and ate his heart!

Just one more example of foreign policy decisions made on the fly by the Obama administration that makes absolutely no sense.

On April 30 I wrote the following made even more obvious in light of this video:

Barack Obama rhetoric is worthless and, if our enemies and allies ever had any doubt about that fact then after he moved his 'red line' in Syria they are now 100% certain that it is the unfortunate truth!

Barack Obama painted the United States into a corner by establishing a 'red line' in Syria over the use of chemical weapons there that has effectively locked the country into a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario.

On the one hand we have the al-Qaeda infested rebels and on the other we have a maniacal despot currently in power. These are two groups that should be allowed to destroy each other.

That said, if Barack Obama's rhetoric is going to ever be taken seriously he needs to take action in whatever way he chooses to do it. (Source)

Syrian rebel leader (Warning: Graphic Content)

H/T Digger
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