Monday, June 3, 2013

You think Barack Obama knows about this quote from the Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen?

The Al-Qaeda leader in Yemen appears to seriously differ with the President's view that the war on terror has been won!

The President would like Americans to believe that, based solely on the killing of Osama bin Laden, the Global War on Terror is effectively over!

Never mind the attack in Benghazi, the Boston Marathon massacre, the beheading of a British soldier or even the Fort Hood massacre to name just four acts of terrorism all perpetrated under the umbrella of jihad.

According to our Commander-in-Chief these were merely isolated incidents and an episode of workplace violence no matter what the killers said, what they believed or how they were trained.

Why? Because it's this narrative that neatly fits the political agenda of Barack Obama, national security be damned.

Qassim Al Rimi vs. Barack Obama: Why are their views on the state of the global war on terror so very different?

The leader of the free world says game over while a leader of an Al-Qaeda faction says not so fast.

Which one of these two do you believe? Sadly, it's not the President!

Al Qaeda’s military chief in Yemen warned Americans in an audio message posted online on Sunday that the Boston bombings revealed a fragile security as he urged Muslims to defend their religion.

Qassim Al Rimi, the military chief of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, said making bombs such as the ones used in the twin blasts in Boston in April, is within “everyone’s reach”.

“The Boston events... and the poisoned letters (sent to the White House), regardless of who is behind them, show that your security is no longer under control, and that attacks on you have taken off and cannot be stopped,” he said, in the message entitled: “A letter to the American people.”

“Every day you will be hit by the unexpected and your leaders will not be able to defend you,” warned the man whose organisation is considered by Washington the world’s most dangerous Al Qaeda branch.

Rimi said the killing of Al Qaeda’s founder Osama bin Laden in May 2011 and top Yemeni-American cleric Anwar Al Awlaki in September 2011, had not ended the struggle.

“Have you eliminated the jihadist groups that have spread everywhere after they had only been in Afghanistan? Today, they are in your land or close to it,” he warned.

To the Muslims in the United States, he said: “We encourage you to carry on with this way, be steadfast in your religion.

“Carry out your obligations, defend your religion and follow in the footsteps of those who supported their religion and Ummah (Muslim nation) while they are in their enemy’s den,” he said... (Source)

You make the call! The war on terror is over or Barack Obama seeks political expediency over national security?

H/T Look Under the Burka of Islam

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