Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Barack Obama versus a serial killer!

Should the police release a serial killer after he or she promises never to do it again?

In other words would it be smart to base any decision on a pledge, made by a sociopath, to refrain from activity that is hard-wired into their brain and being?

Imagining that such an action would ever be undertaken by a crime prevention organization is extremely farfetched as it would be a sure sign of murder to come in the future!

For anyone to make a decision that is in any way based on the promise made by an untrustworthy source would be an example of one side having achieved an incredible edge in the negotiations.

Law enforcement is, of course, far too smart for that!

One would  have assumed that the federal government would be as well but that was before the Obama administration took control in Washington. Imagine my surprise to read the following headline this morning:

'U.S. and Taliban to talk about ending Afghan war' (Long Island Newsday)

This plan comes from an administration in Washington either so inept, so naive, so inexperienced or that is so desperately looking for political victories here at home that it is willing to believe whatever crap is shoveled at them in what is an extremely difficult and critical foreign policy and national security situation!

Par for the course though from an Obama administration that would rather kick the proverbial can down the road at great risk to the United States than face crises head-on (Can the Obama administration be compared to the Taliban... ).

Consider Iran promising an end to uranium enrichment, the U.S. supplying Syrian and al-Qaeda terrorists (rebels) with small arms as a response to a red-line crossing by al-Assad or the continual empty words aimed at a maniacal North Korean leader.

More examples of an Obama administration seemingly more interested in political posturing through rhetoric than in taking care of the one job that they are actually tasked with, national security!

Is it any wonder then that Russian leader Vladimir Putin has no obvious respect for Barack Obama and is therefore unwilling to bend in any negotiations that the U.S. has with that country?

And now Mr. Obama would like the Russians to reduce their nuclear weapons capability. The odds of that happening based on the request of this President are slim to none! Why?

Because Putin, possibly more than any other world leader, is well aware of the reality that is Barack Obama's rhetorical bluster with so little firepower behind it.

The Taliban

Now on to the Taliban, an organization that has as its core belief a religious fanaticism that aligns it closely to al-Qaeda. Organizations whose goal is to 'inspire and incite Islamist movements and the Muslim masses worldwide to attack those perceived to be the enemies of Islam.' (Source)

To think that political negotiations with an appointed group of Taliban spokespeople will do anything to stop the group from acting in a way that is based on core religious beliefs is at best naive and at worst extremely dangerous.

One need only look to the peace negotiations that have been taking place in the Middle East for years and years between Israel and the countries surrounding it to see how this is nothing but fool's gold.

Groups such as the Taliban, along with governments like the afore-mentioned Iran and North Korea, use our own beliefs in the democratic and political process against us.

They dangle carrots in front of the Obama administration's face that they have no intention of following through on but that give the politicians in Washington some short-term 'victory' to be used in the political process while pushing the perceived need for actual action further away.

In a nutshell, '...The Taliban and al-Qaida are allied, in part, because both share very purist and aggressive Islamic beliefs. But the Taliban has refused to break its alliance with al-Qaida, or to quit attacking the Afghan government, which it declares to be illegitimate...' (Source)

But of course this won't stop Barack Obama from continuing on with the charade!

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