Thursday, June 27, 2013

Obama's flip Snowden response: "I shouldn't have to!' (Video)

Predictably CBS News evaluates the President's statements to mean that 'we (the US) are on top of it and are taking care of it'!

Just as predictably I evaluate it in a slightly different way. I saw it as just so much more useless rhetoric being spewed that will not sway either our friends or enemies.

As a reference tool for the failed US reaction to this case of espionage, you can read at your liesure the article titled 'China and Russia bogarting the 'joint' in the Snowden espionage scandal!'

As far as the press conference statements go, CBS News opined that the President seemed 'irritated' by the situation and that he felt this case of espionage should not have to handled at the presidential level.

Me? I saw an empty yet naive suit who seemed to minimize what has been called one of the most serious hits to national security that the United States has ever seen!

The President went further to say that we will not go to any extremes to take care of a '29-year old hacker'. Perhaps he should have gone to extremes to prevent something like this from happening in the first place.

And not to worry lest you thought this case was going to be a great distraction for the President and his family.

Once this speech and press conference were over, they will go back to their regularly scheduled vacation in Africa putting this national security nonsense behind them.

The President speaks to the Snowden espionage case!

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