Saturday, June 8, 2013

No bikinis at the Miss World Pageant? Was this decision based solely on fear?

Anyone who actually tunes in to watch the Miss World Pageant likely does so in large part for the bikini portion of the program!

If that's why you watch then feel free to tune out this year as the Pageant organizers, pandering to their Muslim hosts in Indonesia, have mandated bathing suits to be worn that will 'avoid revealing the body shape'.

Why did they choose to cater in this way to the Indonesia people and, as the event organizers must have had an idea that the wearing of bikinis would to be a problem, why did they choose to hold the Miss World Pageant in a Muslim dominated country?

But beyond all of that, the overriding question for me is why the decision to ban bikinis had to be made at all?

Was it really out of 'respect' for the host and other participating countries or was it out of fear that rioting in the streets could occur along with serious danger to the physical well being of the participants.?

If I am a betting man it is the latter, particularly if we consider the fact that events involving this type of undress take place all of the time in countries and cities where the host population would prefer that they did not.

For instance, if a beauty pageant were to be held in a city dominated by ultra-Orthodox Jews, would the event organizers be inclined to ban bikinis in order to fall in line with the peoples preference for female modesty? I think we all know only too well the answer to that question!

The reality is that in Muslim dominated countries, as we clearly witnessed with the Danish cartoon controversy many years ago, any slight perceived wrong perpetrated against the faith can result in regional and global death and destruction.

And instead of dealing with this fact of a grossly disproportionate response that goes beyond the boundaries of anything that we in the west can understand, people around the world would rather cater to the wishes of the Muslim leaders.

The question then is where will the wishes and demands end?

Conclusion: When isolated events present the potential for reprisal, retribution, global rioting and death; when that reaction typically emanates from one specific group; when fear of reaction in turn leads to decision making based on that fact; then one has to question the state and direction of our society going forward.

H/T Clash Daily

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