Thursday, June 13, 2013

Must Watch Video: Ann Coulter speaks her mind on amnesty and the end of the Republic as we know it!

Must watch video clip of Ann Coulter speaking on Hannity about the fight in Congress over immigration reform (Amnesty)!

As divisive a personality as Ann Coulter can be, evidenced by the title of her newest article 'If The GOP Is This Stupid, It Deserves To Die', her thoughts on immigration reform (amnesty), politics and national security are generally spot on along with some other moments of hysteria tossed in for good measure.

For the Democrats in Congress amnesty and immigration reform represents an issue that has them focused on striving to maintain political power into the future by growing their voter base.

For the rest of the country getting this bill done right is a matter of securing our borders FIRST in the interest of national security.

If you don't have the seven minutes to spare, start watching at the five minute mark for Coulter's take on what an amnesty first bill will mean for the country.

Ann Coulter on Hannity

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