Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Immigration Reform: The White House is begging for my help!

And apparently yours as well!

I received this letter* from a woman at the White House that told me the story of an immigrant to the United States from China along with her own fathers story of coming to this country from Bolivia.

My hat is off to these two men who came to America, assimilated with the culture of our society while likely maintaining strong ties to their original culture and country and at the same time achieved the American dream.

Along with this hard earned success I would also imagine that both also arrived here through legal means as well quite possibly through the same portal that my relatives did, Ellis Island.

My question then is what these two feel good stories, along with all of the others that they want us to send them, have to do with the millions who are here in the U.S. illegally?

Or for that matter, what do they have to do with the desperate need for border reform to stop the flood of people, many from origins unknown (i.e. Middle East), from entering America illegally.

It is a serious national security issue as well as an issue of national economic sustainability!

But then leave to our comrades at the White House to try and turn this critical issue into a group sing of Kumbaya.

*Note the reference to community leaders. Euphemism for community organizing?

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