Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hillary-isms: 2016 Presidential Campaign Fail!

Word on the street is that Hillary is a lock for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2016!

Looking at these Hillary-isms in poster form, with 100's more out there just like them, the question that needs to be asked is why?

I speculate below on some of the reasons why Democrats are so excited by the prospect of a Hillary Clinton run for the White House?

While the reasoning I provide may be slightly extreme, the truth is that coming up with any basic rational ones proved to be extremely difficult bordering on the impossible.

One other thought might be that the lust for a Hillary candidacy may simply be based on the fact that the other  Democrat option could be Joe Biden which by itself makes the former First Lady look like Cinderella trying on the glass slipper?

So what exactly has kept Hillary so busy and so popular among her brethren on the Left?
  • Is it her selfless and blind backing and support for the highest ranking Democrat pariah, one President Barack Obama?
  • Could it be her own massive legislative failure trying to pass healthcare reform during her husband's administration?
  • Perhaps it's her spinelessness coupled with her pure political ambition that allowed her to 'stand by her man' after Bill Clinton humiliated her through his performance in the Oval Office and likely elsewhere around the White House with intern Monica Lewinsky?
  • How about her contribution to our nations reduced stature and standing around the world during her watch as Secretary of State?
  • Let's not forget as well her humiliating performance in front of Congress during the Benghazi hearings when she uttered the phrase 'what difference does it make' concerning the events surrounding the deaths of four Americans?
  • Lastly, maybe it has something to do with the former First Lady and Secretary of State allowing Barack Obama's reelection campaign to enter into the decision making process that dictated the level of security as well as the level of protection for an embassy that should have never been staffed in the first place?

Sadly, if you are a Democrat 'strategist', apologist or plain vanilla ideologue then these facts and others will not make a difference and can somehow be explained away.

If you are an American, however, looking for strong leadership and a return to American exceptionalism, then Hillary would obviously be the wrong choice for the nation!

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