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China and Russia bogarting the 'joint' in the Snowden espionage scandal!

Article Summary

Obama administration to the Russian and Chinese governments: 'Return Edward Snowden or there will be a price to pay!'

Russians and Chinese to the Obama administration: 'Screw You and your empty rhetoric!'

Barack Obama and his global stature

The title of this article is cryptic I know, but my idea was to put this national security and foreign policy fiasco into terms Barack Obama and others in his administration might be able to understand!

Let's look at the Snowden NSA scandal, the latest example of White House bungling, in in the context of the following statement:  'I know what I know and I don't know what I don't know!'

Things I Know!

What I know because it has been documented in writing is that Barack Obama, in his younger days, enjoyed firing up a spliff with his friends as part of 'the Choom Gang' while at the same time possibly dreaming about becoming President of the United States one day.

This pot smoking will come into play later on as it is used as an analogy for the lack of respect being shown this President and by extension the United States by countries around the globe!

Some Other Things I Know!

I know that Osama bin Laden was taken out on Barack Obama's watch but I don't necessarily know that he willingly made the decision.

It was the success of those who located him and those who carried out the mission and I truly believe that he was put into the position where he had no choice but to give the order.

I know that the Arab Spring was a huge miscalculation on the part of the administration and has changed the dynamic of the region in an extremely negative way.

I know that Syria has descended into a human tragedy with potentially huge regional ramifications.

I know that the President set-up a red-line and then did his best to pretend that it hadn't been violated.

I know that Barack Obama gave up our missile defense in eastern Europe to appease the Russians getting nothing in return.

I know that relations with Israel, our one actual friend in the region, have declined since Barack Obama took office.

I know that four Americans were killed in Benghazi with the President engaging in a potential cover-up for purely political reasons and with none of the perpetrators having faced retaliation from the U.S

I know that Iran marches on its nuclear merry way while North Korea flexes its nuclear muscles because there is no fear of any backlash from the Obama administration.

I know that our border with Mexico remains porous with OTMs (other than Mexicans) free to pour into our country.

I know that Barack Obama has called the global war on terror basically over and al-Qaeda on the run even as the Boston Marathon bombing and other attempted acts of terror continue to occur.

A terrorist attack at Fort Hood was instead termed workplace violence, again for purely political reasons (see example directly above).

I know that Barack Obama has termed Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey one of his 'most-trusted allies' as this 'most-trusted allie' steadily moves that country away from democratic rule and towards Islamic rule of law.

And so on and so on!

What I Don't Know!

What I don't know, because in his five plus years in office it has yet to be proven at least to me, is what if anything Barack Obama and the rest of his team know about foreign policy and/or national security.

The short list above is certainly proof of that fact.

Now let's take a look at Edward Snowden, the central figure in the leaking of classified U.S. government information through his access to the NSA computers.

Snowden somehow fled the country turning up in Hong Kong aka China which in and of itself is a huge fail on the part of the administration.

The U.S. demanded that he be returned to us in order to face the music for what he had done.

China, fearing no retribution from the Obama administration, instead sent him off to Russia.

The Obama administration demanded that the Russians return him to us as the Chinese had not.

Of course Putin in not so many words at the G-8 made it clear that he does not much fear or respect our President either, and as a result it seems that the final stop for Mr. Snowden is going to be Ecuador as he seeks asylum there.

While there is an extradition treaty between the U.S and Ecuador, it is unlikely that country will abide by it.

Quit Bogarting the Joint!

This brings me full circle to the point where I am going to put this foreign policy and national security debacle into terms the President and other '60's radicals can understand.

By leading with weakness; by ceding our national security to the U.N. Security Council; by constantly making concessions and getting nothing in return; by being strong on rhetoric and weak on substantive action...

Barack Obama has made clear to our enemies and allies alike that he speaks loudly and carries a limp spaghetti noodle as his weapon of choice.

As a result the nation has unfortunately been placed by this President in a position unknown since the days of Jimmy Carter which is not as the tiger who roars but a 'paper tiger' who does not instill fear into the hearts of bad actors!

Putting it into terms the President and his people can follow along with, Russia and China are bogarting the joint and believe that Barack Obama is not going to do anything about it!

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