Thursday, May 30, 2013

White House Movie Night! (3 short videos)

Lies, cover-ups, incompetence, distortions and then more lies caught on videotape!

It seems that the stench of political corruption that many of us knew was always there is now starting to ooze through the well guarded cracks of the White House and into the light of day!

One video presents snippets of Obama administration personnel that, if their words weren't so sad for the country, could almost be funny.

The second is a comparison of the rhetoric of Barack Obama versus that of Richard Nixon as they entered a critical phase of their respective scandals.

For Richard Nixon it culminated in his resignation.

Could we be so lucky with Barack Obama or will he try and ride out the storm hoping that the media will make it all go away?

But first a 9-second video of a man who could have easily been a high ranking member of this White House or possibly even the president himself if only for his ability to feign ignorance of those things happening on his watch.

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