Friday, May 17, 2013

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano going back...

...and then forward with his vision of Nassau County, New York's future!

Many who read this article will not be from New York State let alone Nassau County on Long Island and will therefore ask themselves why they should care about what goes on there.

The answer is simple!

Because the administration of Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is a roadmap for any governmental entity that wants to provide itself with the best model for achieving financial stability and the people who live there and companies that do business there an environment with the greatest potential for them to succeed and thrive.

Jobs, stable taxes, an end to government waste and creating an environment that's appealing for businesses both old and new!

Political Analysis of Nassau County Government

For those who read The Political Commentator on a consistent basis you know that the opinions offered here typically have to do with national and international issues with a particular focus on national security.

Much time is also spent questioning the motives and policies of the Obama administration when it comes to moving the country forward in the right direction.

Today, however, as a resident of Nassau County in New York State, my focus is much closer to home.

The adage that all politics is local has held true in the past and still holds very true today.

As a concerned citizen who owns a home, a business and who has kids in school I, along with over 1.3 million of my neighbors, also have a huge stake in the successful and thriving future of Nassau County.

Past Democrat administrations in Nassaus County, including the prior Suozzi administration, have taken the opposite tack to the Mangano mission statement above.

County Executive Mangano looks towards 'jobs, stable taxes, an end to government waste and the creation of an environment that's appealing for businesses both old and new' as the preferred method for maintaining the best quality of life for those who live and/or work here!

On-the-other-hand, Democrats in the past have implemented policies that resulted in bloated infrastructure, deficit spending, budget shortfalls and tax hikes that made Nassau County unattractive for both existing businesses and those who may be considering a move of their personnel and operations here.

And, as any amateur economist can tell you, a loss of businesses results in a loss of jobs, high unemployment and a need to raise taxes in order to make up for budget shortfalls that exacerbate existing monetary problems and that brings on new ones as well.

Democrat Tom Suozzi now wants another shot to do more of what he has done in the past. Can Nassau County and its citizens afford for that to happen?

The Ed Mangano vision for a thriving Nassau County

To make a long story short, yesterday I once again had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Ed Mangano articulate his vision for Nassau County going forward.

And while a vision for the future is all well and good, at the same time I can also look at the tangible results that he has accomplished during his administration.

The results of his policies since taking office are obvious to any Nassau resident who opens a tax bill and sees stability, opens a Newspaper and sees businesses choosing to stay here and others to move here or who examines the employment statistics and sees a Nassau County unemployment rate of 6.4% compared to a New York State level of 8.2% and a national level of 7.6%. (Source as of March 2013)

Mangano cut $290 million is wasteful government spending eliminating over 1,700 positions, eliminated patronage jobs, implemented public-private partnerships and more.

Critical for homeowners such as myself, he eliminated the 16% property tax hike that had been planned by the Suozzi administration and equally as important has held the line since.

If only local school districts could say the same!

And he has helped to bring or keep here in Nassau County over 18,000 jobs.

The botton-line?

Can Nassau County residents afford to go back to the type of borrow and spend mentality that created huge deficits, resulted in higher taxes and that threatened to drive people out rather than bring new people, businesses and jobs in?

If you believe that the same old Democrat way of doing business is bad for Nassau County and by extension bad for you and your way of life, then get behind Ed Mangano for another term as County Executive!

The Political Commentator offers its wholehearted endorsement for Ed Mangano's performance as the County Executive of Nassau County!

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