Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Finally, knowing your President!

Political thoughts for a Wednesday!

Listening to the liberal media (Bloomberg Radio) two things struck me:

1) Instead of them positioning the most recent three scandals (Benghazi, AP wiretaps and IRS) as some kind of political opportunity for Republicans, instead why don't they recognize the fact that for six years they and the rest of the MSM have had their collective heads up their collective asses.

That finding out who this President really is, what he stands for and his desired direction for the United States is an imperative for the American people.

To the upside, watching and reading the news coverage it seems as if the worm is finally turning and the people responsible for providing President Obama with political cover for all of these years may finally be providing the news and may actually now be doing their jobs!

2) Putting Eric Holder in charge of any investigation is like putting the fox in charge of finding out who ate the hen in the henhouse!

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