Sunday, May 5, 2013

Benghazi Whistleblowers - Will the truth finally catch up to Barack Obama? (Video)

Obama's Watergate? 'Whistleblowers' to testify about the truth surrounding the events leading up to, and then after, the attack on the United States in Benghazi, Libya!

Note: In the Watergate crime and cover-up nobody died!

The pre and post-election charade that has been played out by the Obama administration concerning four dead Americans along with the attack on sovereign U.S. territory in Benghazi, Libya may finally be catching up to them.

Three men in significant federal government positons are coming forward to testify Wednesday on the events as they saw them unfold.

As this testimony takes place the Obama administration will hopefully feel the full force of the phrase that has doomed many a politician in the past, that 'the cover-up is usually be worse than the crime!'

The men scheduled to testify have been dubbed 'whistleblowers' but the reality is that they are truth-tellers and because they seek to tell the truth they are the Obama administrations worst nightmare.

Worst nightmare because, as the American people hear the tale of Benghazi told, they will hopefully finally be able to comprehend that the truth and the Obama administration go together like oil and water.

Predictably the mainstream media who will do what they can to protect their political teammates and attempt to either bury the story, discredit the storytellers or position it all as an attack by 'right-wing zealots' who are simply trying to discredit the President.

You will also likely see a full-court press by administration lackeys who will try to undermine the credibility of the men who will testify, attempting to paint them as partisans who are trying to bring out some fabricated version of the events as they took place in Benghazi (i.e. State Dept: Benghazi Whistleblowers "Lying" About Requesting Clearance To Testify).

This attempt to further bury the truth plays into the ongoing mission of the Obama administration to turn the conversation away from the global war on terror while at the same time attempting to convince the world that this war has been won and that al-Qaeda has been decimated and is on the run.

The truth is, as the Boston Marathon massacre and its aftermath so clearly shows, that the GWOT is still alive and very well.

And while Team Obama seems to believe it's not the people who remain unconvinced that the war is over are the ones who matter the most on this issue and that is the terrorists themselves.

This administration, by trying to deny that this fact is true, only serves to embolden the enemy while creating an environment in our national security services where the focus seems to be elsewhere.

This Wednesday, before a congressional hearing on Wednesday, the truth will hopefully be heard!

H/T Western Journalism
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