Friday, April 26, 2013

Video of 5-year old jihadists-in-training!

What Americans, possibly including our Commander-in-Chief, don't understand or are unwilling to understand about our enemy in the global war on terror!

Barack Obama likes to tell the American people that with the killing of Osama bin Laden al-Qaeda is now fragmented, on the run and well on the way to being defeated.

Is he merely naive or is there something more, although I believe I have made my opinion on that subject crystal clear (Manchurian President).

One need only look to the Boston terrorists who were seemingly radicalized both at home in Chechnya and here in the United States at a Boston mosque to see the fallacy in that argument.

In reality my greater concern is that the more you connect the dots vis a vis Boston, Egypt, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Benghazi etc you find that this Obama-led WH is somehow either complicit in trying to weaken our position in the global war on terror or else the largest group of useful idiots we have seen in Washington since the Carter administration!

The sad reality, as this video so clearly shows, is that there are no shortages of teachers or pupils at Terror U.!


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