Monday, April 22, 2013

U.S. antiterrorism: 'The fish rots from the head down'!

When it comes to antiterrorism under the Obama administration the President has been AWOL, leading to the tragedies in Benghazi and Boston massacres!

And while the country continues to wait for a full and accurate explanation for the attack and murders that occurred in Benghazi, we will now be forced to wait for the reasons why the FBI dropped the ball on the older of two brothers in Boston.

Unfortunately, if history is any guide the Obama administration will do everything within its power to bury the truth.

In the meantime the article at PJMedia written by Robert L. Simon on the culture of Washington today when it comes to antiterrorism is an extremely worthwhile read!

Boston and America … Where the Fish Rots from the Top

Apropos of the #BostonBombers, CNN’s Jake Tapper tweeted this weekend: Big q is why FBI didnt keep an eye on/talk to Tamerlan Tsarnaev after he returned from Chechnya last year. So far from FBI: crickets.

Tapper’s right. The FBI is not looking particularly good as far as their surveillance of murderous Caucasian Islamists on our soil is concerned. And Tamerlan, evidently , left quite a trail, from domestic violence to reportedly attacking an imam for holding up MLK as someone to emulate. Not exactly subtle. They were even warned about Tamerlan by the Russians apparently.

The Feds must have been pretty clueless to ignore all this.

Probably. But I offer in their defense one of the hoariest of cliches: The fish rots from the top.

The Obama administration and most of those working for it have taken Islamic terrorism about as seriously as I am taking the Memphis Grizzlies/L.A. Clippers game currently on my TV — in other words, at best mildly interested. Not being a fan of either team, I could watch — I could switch to something else.

And when Islamic terrorism does rear its head, as in Benghazi, the administration evinces something worse than disinterest — dishonesty, lies, coverup and prevarication (sometimes aided by Tapper’s CNN cohort Candy Crowley).

Read the rest of the article at PJMedia here.

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