Monday, April 22, 2013

Tsarnaev brothers caught and killed: Cause for celebration or concern?

While the celebration in Boston after the capture and killing of the Tsarnaev brothers is completely understandable, Americans need to understand that these two may be only part of the problem!

And Americans, by nature, don't!

For the most part Americans cannot conceive of the evil that exists in the minds of some people and groups, nor do they understand the lack of value that they place on human life including their own!

In Israel after a terrorist is captured or killed there is no celebration because they have sadly learned to live in an environment where all of their neighbors (and many non-neighbors) would like them to cease to exist.

The United States on-the-other-hand has been hit by terrorist attacks sporadically yet viciously, and while celebration after the Tsaernaev brothers were neutralized is understandable, it likely is not the end!

Read these articles for a better idea of the bigger picture:

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