Monday, April 29, 2013

PC outrage of the day!

The PC outrage of the day has generously been provided by government leaders in Washington State who have legally manipulated-changed the English language in order to avoid offending anyone!

The following words have been changed in order to avoid any unintentional offending through the use of words that contain, in the warped mind of government officials there, any semblance of gender bias:

Fisherman is now fisher,
Penmanship is now handwriting
Freshman is now first-year student

Don't these people have anything better to do with their time and the taxpayers money?

Apparently not but in the spirit of government incompetence they have missed quite a few that could have easily made the list. From Carpe Diem:

“Other states that have passed gender-neutral constitutional
manpersondates include California, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Utah. At least nine other states are currently considering gender-neutral legislation.
“Words matter,” said Liz Watson, a National Wo
menperson‘s Law Center senior adviser. “This is important in changing hearts and minds.”
MP: Just wondering, does the 
manpersonddate in New York mean that Manhattan will now become Per
sondaugherhattan?  And in general, what about all of the gender-biased words likemanuscript, manifest, maneuver, mannerism, romantic, dismantle, human, mankind,manipulate, performance, semantic, showmanship, sportsman, workmanship, documentary, person, etc., the list goes on forever? Where does it stop? For example, will a “bachelor’s degree” now become a “single-person’s” degree? (Source)

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