Thursday, April 11, 2013

Obama is to Saul Alinsky as he's not to Margaret Thatcher!

Two articles: One that compares Barack Obama to his economic mentor, Saul Alinsky and the other that shows how he is nothing like the great leader Margaret Thatcher!

Six Alinsky Rules That Explain Obama’s Words and Deeds

In spite of the media’s conspicuous silence on the matter, it is no secret that Saul Alinsky’s manual for “community organizers”—Rules for Radicals—exerted an immeasurable influence over the world’s most well recognized community organizer, President Barack Obama. Thus, to understand why Obama does what he does, we need to be familiar with the vision that Alinsky delineated in his book.

Below are six ideas, six “rules,” that the Godfather of community organizing packs between the covers of Rules, ideas that Obama’s imbibed hook, line, and sinker..." Read the article at here.


No one in the world, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, spoke with as much elegance, eloquence, power, and persuasiveness like the late Margaret Thatcher. Today, Obama, in his statement about her passing, referred to Lady Thatcher as “one of the great champions of freedom and liberty”. This is one of the rare occasions in which he has spoken the truth. But how can Obama say Baroness Thatcher was a “great champion of freedom and liberty” when everything she stood for is in 100% opposition to his tyrannical, Marxist regime? So, if she stood for “freedom and liberty,” then why doesn’t he agree with her politically?

Below are 25 of the best quotes from Margaret Thatcher that capture her belief in free markets, limited government, personal responsibility and individual liberty, all American principles which Obama has completely rejected..."
Read the quotes at Tea Party News Network here.

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