Sunday, April 14, 2013

Long Island Fight for Charity Corporate Sponsors and Donors!

As many of you are already aware, The Political Commentator Mike Haltman is training to climb into the boxing ring for charity in the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Long Island Fight for Charity (LIFFC)!

The goal of this effort is to raise as much money as possible for the three great charities that LIFFC supports which are The Genesis School, Long Island Community Chest and the National Foundation for Human Potential.

Of course any amount that individuals contribute, whether it's $5, $25 or $500, is greatly appreciated and extremely necessary if the fundraising goals of LIFFC are going to be met.

In addition to individuals, however, are the corporations I have spoken with personally who have listened to the story of LIFFC and jumped on board as both my Corporate Sponsors and Corporate Donors.

I would like to take this opportunity to give those companies a shout-out along with links to their websites.

If anyone needs the products or services that these extremely generous and philanthropically oriented companies provide, please show your appreciation and support by giving them your business.

For any companies who might want to learn more about LIFFC, the charities, the support and promotion provided to sponsors and ways you may be able to get involved, write Mike Haltman at and we can set-up a call or meet in person.

To donate or learn more about the LIFFC now, visit this link.

Corporate Sponsors and Corporate Donors!

  1. Crestwood Camp and School
  2. Viana Hotel and Spa
  3. Resorts World Casino
  4. Chicago Title
  5. Sharp Research Corp.
  6. The Andrew Hotel
  7. Sazerac Whiskey
  8. Mcallan Scotch
  9. City Connections Realty
  10. Waters Crest Winery
  11. Expose Your Business
  12. Billsboro Winery

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