Monday, April 8, 2013

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2013 - Hate redux!

Reports of global anti-Semitic incidents rose 30% in 2012!

And yet if you asked 100 Jews this morning whether there was anything special occurring today the likelihood is that 97 would have no idea that it was Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I would venture to guess that the NCAA Tournament finals taking place tonight would be a fairly common answer instead.

That fact is of course not surprising as people have extremely short memories and are much more focused on the day-to-day than they are on history, even if that history includes the slaughter of 6 million Jews!

Ask those same 100 Jews what the recent study conducted by The Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry found and the same 97 or so would likely have no idea that global anti-Semitic incidents rose 30% in 2012.

"A considerable escalation in the level of violent and vandalistic acts against Jews was recorded in 2012. The combined number of 686 such acts represents an increase of 30 percent over the 2011 figure of 526."

For Jews around the world the scourge and plague of hate continues to exist and proliferate, but many of us put their heads in the ground and continue to say that what happened mere decades ago could never happen again!

If that is your position take another look at the 2012 statistics and then ask yourself whether the facts make your opinion at all credible?

Here are links to Holocaust Remembrance Day 2012 and my take on the fading memory of the phrase Never Again!

If Barack Obama has taught us anything it is that rhetoric and phrases are nothing more than that. What actually matters is the reality of what is taking place around us. To ignore that, is to put your head into the ground!

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