Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston conspiracy theory: Obama, the Saudis and a 'dark-skinned male'?

Update April 19, 2013: One Boston Marathon bombing suspect has been killed in a shootout while the other, his brother, remains on the run. Preliminary reports are that they are Muslims originally from Chechnya.

Update April 20, 2013: The other brother has been caught, is alive and will hopefully be named an enemy combatant although knowing our President and Attorney General as we do that is doubtful.

While the brothers are Chechen, not Saudi, I stand by the questions asked below. For instance who was the Saudi national and where is evidence the Saudis did not in some way fund this terrorist attack as they likely funded the attack in Benghazi?
Update April 18th 5:00 PM: Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 from the FBI website
Am I paranoid? Perhaps, but does the Obama White House actually already know who the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing are? (Note: I was forced to listen to Michael Savage last night last night which is something that could potentially make even the most sane among us paranoid!)

And could the Boston Marathon tragedy be just one more chapter in the ongoing saga that asks, Is Barack Obama the Manchurian President?

Whether it's the lack of any action after the attack on our embassy and the killing of Americans in Benghazi, providing F-16's to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or so many other confusing national security and foreign policy moves, the question is an honest one!

And now, months after Americans died and the President's actions in Benghazi continue to go unaddressed, the nation is faced with another tragedy only this time on U.S. soil.

I speak of course of the heinous crime and likely terrorist act in Boston which has led to unimaginable human loss and human tragedy.

It has also led, as issues involving this President often do, to creating many more questions being asked than answers being provided.

I present a crude Boston Marathon timeline with links to the applicable stories below but, in a nutshell, some of the questions that need to be asked and answered are:
  • Who exactly is the Saudi national (Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi) injured in the bomb blast, questioned in the hospital, removed as a person of interest and who is now reportedly being deported? What is the extent of his familial ties to al-Qaeda and why, if not a person of interest, is he being deported,
  • How could a somewhat credible reporter could go on air and get the facts to a story so very wrong,
  • Why was the White House was so quick and emphatic in denying his report, 
  • Who are the 'dark-skinned men' with black backpacks and earplugs in the series of photographs that seem to have disappeared from the websites of basically every news source, and why are these men acting the way that they are acting,
  • Why, if the authorities have been asking the public to send in pictures or videos of anything or anyone suspicious to help identify the perpetrators, have they suppressed pictures of the guys that most likely did it, and finally
  • Why did the Saudi Foreign Minister visit President Obama at the White House in a hastily arranged meeting that was therefore not on the White House Public Schedule?
Here are the links to articles that may not definitively answer those questions but that will certainly make you scratch your head and go hmmmm:
  1. Who was the released Saudi man questioned in the hospital? Article here
  2. Photos of men with earplugs and packpacks at the Boston Marathon that seem to have disappeared from traditional news sites. Pictures here
  3. John King reporting on the 'dark-skinned male'! Article here
  4. Why was the Saudi Foreign Minister making an unscheduled visit to the White House to speak with President Obama? What was the urgency? Article here
So are all of these clues purely innocent or is this a case of looking like a duck, smelling like a duck and acting like a duck? You read and you decide and hopefully at some point the actual facts will be discovered.

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