Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cast Your Vote: Whose rhetoric is more believable, Barack Obama or Kim Jong Un?

In the global battle of rhetoric whose is more believable, Kim Jong Un or Barack Obama?

Ratcheting up the war of words North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has threatened to unleash nuclear weapons not only on South Korea but the United States as well.

Barack Obama on the other hand has uttered a great deal of rhetoric over his first four years in office concerning any number of threats against the U.S. and the world.

This has included a 'red line' in Syria over the use of chemical weapons, Iran's continuing and seemingly unfettered march towards a nuclear capability and now the U.S.'s unwavering stand with South Korea against the North.

To date regrettably Obama has done little to back-up any of his words with substantive action leading some around the world to view him as nothing but a paper tiger.

Therefore the question that sadly needs to be asked for the good of the world is whether more stock can be placed in Barack Obama's to date empty rhetoric on national and global security or the unknown rhetorical value of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un?

Flashback: With a look back at U.S. leadership, whatever your opinion of George Bush as Commander-in-Chief may be he was a man whose words could be taken at face value striking fear in our enemies.

The poll question for the week that unfortunately needs to be asked is:

In a war of words who is more believable or credible, Barack Obama or Kim Jong Un?

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