Friday, March 1, 2013

Cast your Vote: When Barack Obama speaks I...?

Today, for the umpteenth time since being in office, Barack Obama tried to place the blame for his failings as a leader onto the Republican Party!

The class warfare, blame game and divisive rhetoric ploy that the President uses in order to try and persuade the American people that he is a mere victim of the intransigence and self-serving tactics of the Republican Party has worn extremely thin.

In fact, over the past few days, it almost appears that his allies in the media might actually be moving towards telling the true story about this President they have been trying to keep hidden for the past five or so years!

In any event, watching him speak about the sequester for the 500th time in front of props made me wonder about tactics other viewers might use to get through a Barack Obama campaign speech during which he says nothing beyond the usual divisive rhetoric and answers reporters non-questions with non-answers.

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When Barack Obama Speaks I...

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