Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is Barack Obama the Manchurian President? (2 Must-Watch Videos)

Is Barack Obama The Manchurian President?
This is certainly an idea that has been bandied about and discussed in a variety of forums over the years including here at The Political Commentator!

As an example in April 2011 I wrote, 'What is the Obama endgame vis a vis a nuclear Iran?' which among other things said this:

'Does Obama have a serious plan for Iran, is his plan to have no plan or could he have a dastardly plan?

Now while that is a little confusing, I have speculated here in the past about President Obama's true desire for the future direction of the United States. At one point I went so far as to refer to him, as others also have, as the Manchurian President...

On the subject of Iran we have since come to learn that there is no plan other than empty rhetoric which represents one of two things. Either failed foreign policy or President Obama calculatingly providing Iran with the time to develop a nuclear weapon.

And therein lies the problem in trying to analyze anything that Barack Obama says or does.

Is he merely a terrible president or, as speculated in this video, is he the Manchurian President?

And then the question is why, given all of the facts that openly exist about Barack Obama's past, has he been given a complete and total pass in the vetting department by the mainstream media and by a good deal of the American people?

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