Monday, February 11, 2013

The Obama legacy? Read some opinions and leave your thoughts!

The United States will hopefully survive four years more with Barack Obama in office! 

Then, when history glances its critical eye back on Obama's two terms in the White House, what do you suppose that this President's legacy will be?

Here are some handpicked answers from Facebook and, if you are so inspired, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

When history looks back, Barack Obama will be considered to have...
  • Been worse than Jimmy Carter...
  • Brought racism back into play in every aspect/corner of the world.
  • Nothing! He's not worth remembering.
  • Been the socialist that ruined it for any other blacks wanting to be president
  • Been the first "sleeper" that we are seeing migrate into our political arena...the ones we heard about years ago. Someone that is destroying our foundation of this great nation due to his "oh poor me" nation while he enslaves people. People are led like sheep and are glad to be held down and made dependant on the entitlement programs.......and let's not forget history repeating. I had better watch what I say or the pres..may have a drone drop a bomb on my house now that he has passed his ####executive order ....what number is that executive order. There are so many I can't keep track.
  • Destroyed our country,  turning the United States of America into the Socialist States of America
  • Overseen the systematic destruction of America all the while spouting off one lie after another.
  • Been remembered for campaigning more than doing his job when America desperately needed the economy to improve and jobs for the millions of Americans that are still unemployed today!
  • Been the smartest and most dignified president no matter what lies are told and names are called. (Editor's Note: Obamabot)
  • Tried to destroy the country we love...the first african AMERICAN PRESIDENT WHO hated the United states and tried to destroy the VERY CONSTITUTION he pledged to uphold and enforce...
  •  Done quite a bit although it's difficult to narrow it down to one thing. I'll just say a few: evil, liar, anti-American, thief, anti-Israel, pro-Muslim and at least attempted to destroy everything American in the name of "progress".

*Minor editing has been done in an attempt to make the responses grammatically correct.

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