Sunday, February 3, 2013


Ignoring the alphabet soup, looking under the hood of these two far-left organizations presents America with one more major cause for concern!  

That's of course if anyone is bothering to look!

OFA and CPP are the latest two new ingredients of an Obama acronym stew that should be a cause of concern for all Americans. Par for the course, however, few Americans even bother to notice and even fewer in the media bother to care or report about it.

From IOTW:

"...The Common Purpose Project (CPP), an affiliation of left-wing activist groups, may merge with Organizing for Action, the new 501(c)4 iteration of the Obama campaign’s 527 group, Organizing for America.."

OFA or Organizing for America: "Organizing for America is a community organizing project of the Democratic National Committee. Founded after thepresidential inauguration of Barack Obama, the group seeks to mobilize supporters in favor of Obama's legislative priorities." (Wikipedia)

CPP or Common Purpose Project: "The Common Purpose Project is a 501(C)(4) founded to bring together progressive leaders and organizations in an effort to collaborate on effective public policy messaging. Together, participants will seek to share their strategic expertise and successful messaging experience in an effort to forward a winning progressive agenda." ( CPP Mission Statement)

An example of the agenda of CPP includes groups affiliated with it having ties to "Palestinian terrorists and Central American Marxists."

OFA and CPP? Not exactly a marriage made in heaven and just more proof, as if any were needed, of the destructive policy direction that this president is going continue moving the country in his 2nd term!

Read a great article on this topic at The Washington Free Beacon here.

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