Sunday, February 24, 2013

John Brennan conspiracy theory: Does this man have an affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood? (Video)

Is there something going on within the Obama administration employee selection process that raises any caution flags of concern?

You better believe it! But, as is typically the case for those Americans still getting their news from mainstream media outlets, they most likely will know very little of the controversy.

Additionally the problem is that for so many of the same Americans it's the wonderment over who is wearing what dress tonight at the Academy Awards that will be as far as their intellectual curiosity goes.

And it may be this combination of the American people's disinterest combined with MSM complicity in the process that the Obama administration counts on when trying to push unqualified nominees, or worse, through the process.

Question: Should the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress be in agreement over the men and women slotted for key national security and foreign policy positions based on politics, or should it be a decision based on who will do whatever it takes to protect the interests of the United States and its people?

I know the answer to that question but given on what I have seen in the 4+ years of an Obama administration I am not convinced that they believe the same!

Consider for a second the background, ideologies and serious questions that:
  • swirl around so many members of the current Obama administration, 
  • surrounded czars who had to resign or potential czars whose vetting led to them to never having been brought on, and
  • some current nominees of Barack Obama for administration Cabinet posts!
Is there some systemic issue within the Obama administration decision making process that has led to a choice of people who may not have the best interests of the United States at heart?

One need only look to Chuck Hagel, still supported by Barack Obama and Democrat Senators, to see just how serious an issue that this is.

Chuck Hagel is a man who through his confirmation hearing alone has proven that he is not qualified to be Secretary of Defense and yet members of the Democrat Party, because of politics and not love of country, still stand behind him.

A perfect example is New York Senator Chuck Schumer who is still a Hagel supporter through the process of being willing and able to put his own political ambitions ahead of country and religion.

Oy vey!

Now watch these videos and decide whether you believe that John Brennan should be confirmed to head the CIA.

H/T Adina Kutnicki

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