Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What qualifies Hagel for Defense Secretary?

Is being awarded the Purple Heart or having served in Vietnam qualification enough for becoming Secretary of Defense?

Often, when the background and qualifications of Chuck Hagel for the job of Secretary of Defense are discussed, the fact that he served in Vietnam and earned two Purple Hearts has become one of the major talking points presented by his supporters.

Now in no way do I minimize the military service of the former Senator and in fact admire it greatly, but here are some facts.

  • The number of Purple Hearts awarded to Vietnam War veterans numbers approximately 351,794. 
  • Chris Dorner, the cop-killing subject of the most massive manhunt in California history was also a Vietnam vet.

My simplistic point is that this rationale being given as any part of the reason for why Chuck Hagel should be confirmed as Secretary of Defense is utterly ridiculous!

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  1. A 15 minute NPR segment made a strong case that Hegel is fundamentally anti Semetic. That doesn't sound so great to me. Any insights on that Mike?

  2. (NPR Interview mentioned was aired on NY area radio at 1115-1130 AM Tuesday Feb 12th)