Monday, February 18, 2013

Alec Baldwin and race relations collide on the streets of NYC!

New York Post - Alec Baldwin and Post reporter Tara Palmeri

If the accusation that racially charged language came out of the mouth of '30 Rock' star Alec Baldwin on a NYC street is ever confirmed, will this icon of the Left be vilified by the media?

Imagine the vitriolic media response if anyone merely suspected of being politically right of center were simply accused of using some of the derogatory racial language alleged to have come out of the mouth of one of the Left's heroes, actor Alec Baldwin!

Of course in the mainstream media anyone even suspected of being their version of politically incorrect is immediately guilty even when proven innocent.

Imagine for a second the legs that a story like this would have if it involved any of the entertainment world's actors who are not liberal Democrats.

So while Alec Baldwin will likely make a credit card commercial or Saturday Night Live appearance that spoofs the incident, actors on the right would become immediate entertainment industry pariahs with the general public demanding that they be fired from whatever show or endorsements that they were doing.

In this case the silence will likely be deafening!

Read this story about Alec Baldwin at the New York Post here.

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