Friday, January 4, 2013

Fiscal cliff deal leaves many Americans feeling pissed off and pissed...

My answer to the Watcher's Council Forum question that asked "What's Your Reaction To The Fiscal Cliff Agreement?"

While the Democrat position regarding the fiscal cliff negotiations came as no surprise, what struck me was the unfortunate maestro-like way in which the Obama-led Democrat Party played the Republicans in much the same way that a concert pianist would play the Chopin Funeral March ( 

While it remains to be seen how much backbone the Republicans exhibit when the debt ceiling debate reaches the point of maximum noise, what is painfully obvious is that the Party of Obama is focused on everything but spending cuts and deficit reduction as evidenced by a "cliff" deal that's projected to add $4 trillion to our federal debt.

My reaction is one of angst and fear for myself, my children and my future grandchildren concerning the fact that the POTUS and his Party could care less about destroying the American currency, the American economy or of breaking the backs of the people who present the greatest opportunity for reversing our economic tailspin while at the same time creating an atmosphere of class warfare that threatens to at some point pit one American against another in violent confrontation!

For them it is all a political calculation geared towards reelection by pandering to a gullible and ignorant electorate with giveaways.

G-D help us all!

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