Sunday, January 20, 2013

Video: Assassination attempt in Bulgaria leads to a call for a ban!

After the failed assassination attempt of Ahmed Dogan, the Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has used the incident to call for a nationwide ban!

While the gun of the would-be assassin thankfully jammed and the gunman was gently subdued (see video), President Plevneliev is using this event as a platform to call for a nationwide ban although the exact nature and identification of the target of the ban is not yet known.

He has given Vice President Margarita Popova the job of organizing a task-force to gather opinions from all sides of the argument, once the President decides on what the actual argument will be, to develop a framework to accomplish said goal.

Once the task-force in is session, Plevneliev will provide them with a 3-hour window to have said plan on his desk.

Said Plevneliev's Chief of Staff in a comment that was captured on an open microphone moments after the failed attempt, "Ние никога не трябва да позволяваме на криза не се оползотворяват" or "We must never let a crisis go to waste!"

The truth behind the story! 

While the assassination attempt in this story and the accompanying video are factual, the rest of the story is of course a spoof of American politics.

While the Newtown shooting was as horrendous a crime as is possibly imaginable, the knee-jerk political reaction regarding guns was an example of political expediency and gamesmanship.

While there's no doubt that some aspects of gun laws need to be examined for possible adjustment, it should be done in a truly bi-partisan and thoughtful fashion that doesn't merely seek to further a political agenda.

Given the current state of politics in the United States, however, this is way too much to expect from the leaders in Washington whose main concern is reelection to office.

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